Hair Transplantation


For many years there was no good solution for hair loss, especially in the case of bald head. Now here is the simple and advanced technique is direct hair transplantation DHT which stood in 1st place of success.

It is most safe technology to give you healthy, natural look. Dealing with no scars, no marks, pain free, sophisticated at any stage of androgenic alopecia (bald head).

Many of our clients experiencing natural, and progressive results with our pre and post care methods, and advices.

It is 3 step simple procedure of one day – the same procedure method is applicable for any stage of hair loss. Once the procedure completes roots will implanted and starts natural growing.


For client consultation makes 50% treatment initially, by choosing the best method. According to the client life style, atmosphere and health treatment and regular maintenance will be prescribed.

Firstly, we explain the total treatment method and resting phase, pre and post care of the graflies follicles all medical checkups.

First, we identify the donor area, and extracts the required follicles from the area totally stersle methods, and completely disposableutilents in the comfortable zone of client. Then the hair follicles are implanted directly at required area, where already noticed which is painless and comfortable method.

Through procedure will be done under anesthesia. Clients are able to talk and express their comfortability, even after their work finished, they are able to go their place themselves.

Foliderma felicitating and client disserved hair design at the possible way, ensuring a natural hair growth, and hair style.

It is successful, and life line resulted natural looking, kept us at top list of hair centers. That most of our clients giving good references with their satisfaction.

This one-day job of restorations is making people to regain their confidence, and good appearance with out difficulties and side effects.

  • You can maintain the transplanted hair as naturally as rest of you on the head.
  • Cost of the treatment – differently affordable.
  • It varies from clients to clients depending upon the area of grafting and number of grafts.
  • post-surgery the maintenance cost is significantly low.